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Here is a small plugin for munin, reading various sensor values through IPMI and feeding into munin. No optimization, some parts require complete rewrite, but It Works ™, read top of ipmisens2. Further ipmitool outputs are welcome, mailto: **. Depends on ipmitool and basic UNIX commands (sed, awk, sh).

UPDATE: Current version: 2.04
Supported platforms:
* Sun X4100/4200 (temp, volt, fan)
* Sun V20z (V40z?) (temp, volt, fan)
* IBM X346 (temp, volt, fan)
* Sun X2100 (temp, volt, fan)
* HP DL385 (temp, fan)
* Asus K8N-LR + ASMB2 IPMI board (temp, volt, fan)
* HP DL385G2:(temp, fan)
* Intel SHG2 mainboard: (temp, volt, fan)

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  1. the files you offer on this website are not anymore available for download. can you please upload them again ?

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