it’s alive, it’s alive!

RedBoot(tm) debug environment – built 11:11:58, Jan 22 2001
Platform: IQ80310 (XScale)
Copyright (C) 2000, Red Hat, Inc.

RAM: 0xa0000000-0xa2000000
FLASH: 0x00000000 – 0x00800000, 64 blocks of 0x00020000 bytes each.
IP:, Default server:

You’ll never find out what this is. It’s an Intel IQ80310 XScale development board, which was given to me as a late christmas gift by a good old friend 🙂 It’s not a Johnnie Walker Blue Label, it’s something more pervert 😛 Nevertheless, this will be a good toy to play with OpenWrt on in the next few weeks, I’ll try to get some newer RedBoot onto it after I get a basic kernel booting.

(These develboards are cheap on eBay, I’ll get some more when I finish with this. Stay tuned, I’ll have to make a garage sale soon, or else these will flow out from my room like a river 😛 )

UPDATE: hahahaha, this will be a funny ride 😛
“Inte XScale IOP310 removal”